Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Yep. That's right. It's the big One-One for us this year. I (Amanda) thought in honor of this spectacular occasion and a nod to our friends who were there at the beginning, I'd make a Top 20/Bottom 10 list for the last 11 years.

Top 20:

-Port Townsend
-Watching the 6 am showing of Return of the Jedi at the theater on the first day it came out
-Inside Jokes (the baby dropped the flour, I'm a Seahorse, at least they're not having a rhumba party)
-When Rand was born and he looked like some kind of big handed blue alien but we loved him anyway
-When Savannah was born and we both almost died...but we didn't!
-Minnesota: Great Mall of America shopping every weekend, Tornadoes, Pudding Fingerpaints, Dora The Explorer World Premier
-Shinders (where it all started)
-Camping out for Halo 2
-Staying up too late talking whenever family came to visit
-That first magical Michigan summer--fireflies and barbecues
-Carrying sleeping kids to the car at 2 am after games at the Leningtons
-Virginia: The Great Dismal Swamp, the beach, Kittyhawk, the pool
-All the pee on the doctor when Scout was born (let's not speak of WHOSE pee that was)
-Game Conventions with the Claesons
-Road Trips to visit Tom & Kim in Virginia ("Shhhh...They're saying their names") and Florida (8 months pregnant in July)
-Canada: car fires, Wasaga Beach, Jack Johnson, Canada Day, Toronto, Zellers, Deep Fried Pickles, eh
-Thanksgivings with the Twitchells
-Kathryn's visits (Did Somebody Say McDonalds? Nooooo.)
-Quitting: Dofus, Ford, daycare
-Driving around Oregon and realizing we actually get to live in this paradise

Bottom 10:

-The Mushroom Apartment
-The poop stripe on the floor under Random's baby swing
-When What's-Her-Name (you know, the lesbian runway model) showed up at our house in handcuffs, escorted by a cop
-The Idaho Bank Incident (aka that time we had to dig around in the couch for change to buy bread)
-Kidney Stones
-Back pain
-Screaming in the night
-Putting the house back on the market

I don't know if these are the real top moments but they're the ones that came to mind this morning as I looked back over the last best 11 years of my life. Thanks Troy. Whaddya say to another 11?


Troy said...

Was it the 6am showing of Phantom Menace? I forget. That whole Star Wars movie camping/early morning stuff was awesome!
Ha! I love all those inside jokes. I totally believe that the baby dropped the flour now.
Yay! We didn't die!!
OMG, Shinders!! Opening boosters on the grass in their parking lot.
Yay, all the camping out for movies and video game releases!
We DID have some good barbecues in Michigan thanks to you!
It turns out that it was MY pee on the doctor when Scout was born.
Ahhh GenCon!
The Bot-Toctors! They're saying their names!
Deep fried pickles at Turtle Jacks!

Lesbian runway model: deseray
The depression was ME!!! we call that Ford-related depression in the business

I totally agree to another 11!!!

Good post!! Happy Anniversary!

I'm shooting 11 anniversary hearts at you!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!

Megan said...

Cute list idea! I want more info on the model with handcuffs? And I can totally relate to the Ford related depression (sometimes it's all over our house these days). Happy 11th!!!

Amanda said...

The model with the handcuffs...those were the days. My sister's friend lived with us for a few months when we were young and naive. I think that was the first time I got jaded enough to realize someone was lying to my face when it was happening instead of realizing months later.

We were sitting around watching the news or something one night when something came on about runway models. She said "I was a runway model once." This girl was clearly not a runway model. I had known her for about 3 years and she was barely 18...when would she have been doing all this runway modeling? Perhaps her junkie mother took her to the local trail park toddler fashion show. Perhaps her "father" (Andy Garcia don't you know) entered her into runway competitions before abandoning her in the slums of Puyallup. Mmmmhmmm. Anyway, Troy and I both completely ignored her. Pretended we didn't even hear. She said it again but louder. "I WAS A RUNWAY MODEL ONCE." I was sitting on the floor and turned so that she couldn't see my face because I was trying so hard not to laugh. Troy I think managed an "oh" or something. He knew I couldn't handle it if she said it again.

Her stint at our house ended when she was escorted home by the police from her job as a janitor at Sears. I answered the door and then got the little baby Rand out of the way for the nice officer so they could retrieve thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise from her bedroom. Good times.